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a hot or cold drink that is usually a combination of hard liquor, wine, or beer and nonalcoholic beverages also: a drink that is a mixture of nonalcoholic beverages. Other Words from punch Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About punch.
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Falernum liqueur is also frequently added, 16 17 which was itself an early form of punch made by steeping cloves with rum, lime, and other ingredients. Ti Punch, literally meaning small" punch, is a rum-based punch that is especially popular in Martinique and other French speaking islands of Caribbean.
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As featured artist. Sunrise" Kim Tae-woo featuring Punch 2017. Telephone" Rocoberry featuring Punch 2018. Winter" Rain" Eluphant featuring Punch 2019. Weird" Day" Moonbyul featuring Punch 2020. Dark Side of the Moon. Sleepless" Night" Crush featuring Punch 2014. KOR: 630582, 12.
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Peterson, United States Life-Saving Service in Michigan 2, page 106.: The patrol clock and punch key system made sure that crewmen completed their patrols. At the far end of his patrol, he used a key to punch his clock and start the return trip.

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